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User Interface

Unfinished Plugin

Arc Communication is not finished. Some features may be missing or unfinished. Pardon the dust

To render localized messages and voip information, Arc Communication provides a number of built in UMG widgets to display text.

Message rendering is split into two different parts, the Message View, and the Message Widget. The View is a widget that holds a number of messages, while the Message Widget renders a Localized Message.

Voip does Voip things when Voip is done.

Message Views

A Message View widget is a widget designed to display messages. It implments the BPI_LocalizedMessageViewReciever interface. The default implementation contains a FGameplayTagQuery used to determine if a View should recieve a message. When received, the View Widget constructs a Message widget and applies the Localized Message to it.

You can implement your own "meta view" widget, that contains many children view widgets and implement the BPI_LocalizedMessageViewReciever interface on it. From there, you can decide which view actually recieves the message.


A Message Widget is a widget that implements the BPI_LocalizedMessageInterface interface. A classic chat message interface would display the Channel, the Sender, and the message. A Message Widget can implement the display of the localized message however it wants, and is hosted in a view.

Voip Notifications

Not Implemented Yet