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The one that updates to 5.0

Version Naming Scheme Change

Starting with 1.4.0, the version scheme has changed. The Version Scheme now matches closer to SemVer, with Major.Minor.Patch-githash. The Githash replaces the old changelist number in the previous version. Note: If you access Arc Teams on the Puny Human Github, the version will always be Major.Minor.X-git, for all major/minors. I do not update the patch or githash for git distributions.


  • Updated plugin to support 5.0, 5.1, and 5.2
  • Fixed the DisplayDebug Crash in 5.2
  • Added Replicated Subobject support for 5.1+
  • Added IsPlayerInTeam helper function to ArcTeam
  • Fixed a bug where in server context, OnTeamAdded would fire before a parent team was set, leading the server to believe that subteams were primary teams.