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The one that reworked swapping active items

  • Fixed a number of compile errors if you are building the plugin in Include What You Use mode
  • Fixed an inverted condition in SwapItemSlots not allowing cross inventory swaps
  • Added Blueprint Callability to the ActiveItemProcessor's MakeItemInactive and SwitchToPendingItem functions
  • Cleaned up active item swapping, giving users more control over what the resulting active item slot index will be when swapping items
    • This adds a new default-false boolean property to SwapActiveItems to allow swapping to land on a valid item slot that does not have an item in it. If false, swap active items will land on INDEX_NONE for the active slot if you try to swap to a slot that doesn't have an item in it. True will allow that swap (but no item will be made active)
  • Moved the authority checks for the OnInventoryUpdate to the functions that actually need authority, allowing OnInventoryUpdate to be called in all network roles.