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The one that allows Item Processors to work with items being placed into the inventory

This release is for Unreal 5.0 and Unreal 5.1

  • Breaking Change - Stacking behavior is disabled by default. You will need an ArcInventoryProcessor_Stacking on your inventory component to enable default stacking behavior.
  • Breaking Change - UArcItemStackModular instance functions CanStackWith and MergeItemStacks have been deleted and moved to UArcItemFragment_Stackable::CanStackWith() and UArcItemFragment_Stackable::MergeItemStacks
  • Breaking Change - * the Signature for UArcInventoryComponent AcceptsItem and AcceptsItem_AssumeEmptySlot is now bool AcceptsItem(UArcItemStackBase* Item, const FArcInventoryItemSlotReference& ToSlot, FArcInventoryItemSlotReference FromSlot) and bool AcceptsItem_AssumeEmptySlot(UArcItemStackBase* Item, const FArcInventoryItemSlotReference& Slot, FArcInventoryItemSlotReference FromSlot); (Added the third parameter)

  • Major Change - Inventory Processors can now control how items are placed into inventories!

  • Added EArcItemSlotAcceptance SlotAcceptsItem(UArcItemStackModular* ItemStack, const FArcInventoryItemSlotReference& Slot, FArcInventoryItemSlotReference FromSlot) to the Inventory Processor (and blueprint override) to determine if an item can be placed into an item slot. FromSlot will be invalid if coming from the world
  • Added EArcSourceItemState ProcessItemSlotSwap(UArcItemStackModular* SourceItem, FArcInventoryItemSlotReference FromSlot, UArcItemStackModular* DestItem, FArcInventoryItemSlotReference ToSlot) to Inventory Processor to allow the processor to change the SourceItem. From Slot will be invalid if the item is coming from nowhere (like being looted). This allows processors to change the behavior of SourceItem, such as stacking it into DestItem if possible.

  • Major Change - Inventory Processors can now weight item slots for Loot Item

  • LootItem() now gets a list of all valid slots that an item can go into, sorts them by their weighted value, and tries to put the item into them in sequence.
  • Processors can override int ItemSlotWeightForItem(UArcItemStackModular* ItemStack, const FArcInventoryItemSlotReference& Slot, FGameplayTag LootTag) to return a weight value that is added to the total weight for that item slot. Loot Tag is passed in by LootItem

  • Fixed a bug where swapping items between inventories wasn't working

  • Fixed a bug where the Resizing Bag wasn't working
  • Fixed ArcInventoryComponent_Modular not blueprint spawnable
  • Fixed a bug where swapping items between two slots would not re-add abilities.
  • Fixed a bug where the Ability Active event would fire multiple times
  • ArcItemStackWorldObject now uses experimental subobject replication lists
  • Fixed various instances of the engine complaining about properties not initialized properly