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Welcome to the Arc Teams Documentation Portal!


Arc Teams is a networked multiplayer solution that allows for the creation of Teams and other segmentation methods for players.

Arc Teams was built from the ground up to support networked multiplayer games. It powers multiple games, each with different styles of segmenting players. ArcTeams supports both runtime and design time Team Definitions, allowing you to create any type of Team.

Arc Teams also supports a concept of “Sub Teams”, which are teams within teams. This can be used to further segment players into Squads, Fireteams, Guilds, Factions, or whatever you need for your game. Arc Teams has a small development footprint and integrates simply into any code base. Simply override a few functions in GameMode and add a component to PlayerState, then it works!

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Technical Details


  • Create Static or Dynamic Teams at runtime or in editor!
  • Plug and play with any existing design
  • Fully networked
  • Create SubTeams to further segment players
  • Easily associate objects in the game world with teams

Still need help?

You can get support in our discord!

Plugin channels:

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  • #plugins-support