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The one that changes attribute initialization

  • Added a callback when attribute sets are created so consumers can set attribute data
  • New method of initalizing attribute sets.
    • Attribute sets are no longer stored as instanced objects in the default object. Instead they are stored as subclasses. A Map is provided in each ability info to select which attributes you wish to override when initalizing those attribute sets, and the value is set. This supports both float and FAttributeData backed attributes.
    • Setting an Attribute to override sets it's base value
  • Added a tool to convert the old attribute init system to the new one
  • Deprecated 'Attribute Sets'. This will set the 'Attribute Sets' property in the AbilityInfo struct to read-only. You'll still be able to view your data, but it will be unused.
  • Removed the depricated and read only FGameplayTag, TSubclassOf<UGameplayAbility> ActiveAbilities map.