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The one that cleaned up various bugs

This release is for Unreal 5.0 and Unreal 5.1

  • Added a CanAttachTo implementation to Modular Item Stacks that accept other Modular Item Stacks, allowing any modular item to be added to any other modular item.
  • You can still override Modular Item Stack if you wish to change this behavior
  • Fixed a crash when trying to replicate null subitems
  • Fixed a bug where an item slot with Equipment and Active processors seeing it would conflict with the Ability Info struct (they'd overwrite each other)
  • Fixed erroneously removing the active item immediately after adding it during an ItemSlotChange
  • Removed the monolithic GameplayTags.h header plugin-wide. This should reduce the compile warnings in 5.1
  • There are a few more monolithic headers used. They'll be fixed in future versions. Sorry for the compile warning
  • Added const correctness for various Item Stack getters that don't mutably access an item slot
  • Fixed a crash when trying to replicate a null item stack in the Item Stack World Object