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The one that shipped on the Marketplace

  • Removed the dependency on Arc Core. This has some far reaching effects on the plugin

  • Active Item's Active Ability struct no longer uses a Tag <-> Ability map. Instead it's now a flat array with a UArcInvInputBinder instanced object

    • Arc Inventory contains a simple input binder for use. It just takes an int32 and returns it.
    • Arc Inventory Extras contains a TagMap input binder, but depends on ArcCore. This restores the previous functionality
    • You can implement your own input binder. Simply store some kind of information regarding how to return a int32 input binding to adding and return it in the implementable function GetInputBinding. The ASC and Ability being granted are passed into the function. This can be implemented in blueprint as well.
  • Deprecated the Held Item Interface. Attaching weapons to hands, if your game needs it, can be done in the OnItemActive and OnItemInactive events in the Active Inventory Component. These events are called on the client and the server, and are called in a predictive context.

  • Removed the ArcInteractable Interface due to removing ArcCore dependency. Games need to implement how to interact with World Items now. An example pickup ability is provided in Arc Inventory Extras

  • Predicted Active Item Swaping. Using the SwapActiveItem function, you can now swap items instantly and predictively, such as with an ability. The Example project has an example of how to predictively swap weapons.

  • Bugfix: Fixed a timing issue at game startup where the Active Item was incorrect

  • Improvement: Exposed the Active Item Slot's slot index to blueprint
  • Bugfix: added ARCINVENTORY_API to two IsValid functions
  • Change: The source object for abilities added to the player is the item that granted them.
  • Bugfix: IWYU Fixes