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The one that removes Arc Inventory 1.0


All deprecated items were removed in this release. They were noted in the deprecations page. If you were relying on any Arc Inventory 1.0 code or the example blueprints in the plugin, please consult either the Example Project or message RoyAwesome on discord for steps to resolve these issues.

Version Naming Scheme Change

Starting with 2.3.0, the version scheme has changed. The Version Scheme now matches closer to SemVer, with Major.Minor.Patch-githash. The Githash replaces the old changelist number in the previous version. Note: If you access Arc Inventory on the Puny Human Github, the version will always be Major.Minor.X-git, for all major/minors. I do not update the patch or githash for git distributions.


  • Removed Example Blueprints. They are now located in the Example project. This is to assist with maintaining and tagging appropriate versions of the blueprint assets.
  • Removed Arc Inventory 1.0 classes and types.
  • Removed ArcAbilityTask_WaitItemSwitch, as it was an unfinished example that is more fleshed out in the Swap Active Item ability in the Example Project.
  • Removed DefaultItemStackClass from the Inventory Developer Settings. ArcItemStack_Modular is the default and probably the only item stack you need
  • Migrated the templated QueryMatchingAssets in the BPFL to the implementation. It never worked outside of the module, so it's now just hidden.
  • Removed GetBagInventoryComponent, GetEquippableInventoryComponent, and GetActiveInventoryComponent from the BPFL. Replaced by GetActiveProcessor and GetEquipmentProcessor.
  • Removed GetUIDataFromItemDefinition from the BPFL, as it's replaced by item fragments
  • Fixed GetActiveAttributeFromItemSlot and GetEquippedAttributeFromItemSlot to work with modular item stacks

  • Reworked ItemSlotWeightForItem to return a TOptional. There is still a blueprint override.

  • Bags now sort items by default, restoring a previous behavior. This can be disabled via checkbox.
  • If no item slot has a sort priority by any processor, the item cannot be looted.
  • Fixed crash when generating items if you somehow have an item definition with null fragments.
  • Fixed duplicate ability activations in certain situations when swapping item slots with active items.