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The one that updates to 4.27

  • Fixed a bug where abilities weren't being applied if they shared the same class as an ability on another item, and you were switching items that frame. We now check if the ability is Pending Remove when the same class ability exists, and add our new ability anyway if the old ability is pending remove

  • Updated tags to use NativeGameplayTags

    • Defined Tags:
      • Inventory.Slot.Bag
      • Inventory.Slot.Equipped
      • Inventory.Slot.Active
      • Ability.Inventory.DropItem
      • Ability.Inventory.SwapItems
      • Ability.Inventory.SwapPending

These Tags are now defined automatically by the plugin, and will show up in all places gameplay tags are found. You no longer need to define them yourself.


If you have your own custom tags set up in the Arc Inventory Developer Settings, you'll need to update your tags to match these.

  • Removed Deprecated AbilityTagMappings from the arc inventory gameplay tag settings
  • Removed Deprecated Attribute set field from item def ability info, and removed the tools to convert from this to the new ability mapping
  • Removed Deprecated HeldItemInterface
  • Removed Unusued ArcInventoryLocalPlayerSubsystem