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The one for Unreal 5.0

  • Updated to Unreal 5.0!

  • Fixed an ensure that could hit when the plugin was re-registered with an actor

  • Added support for unbinding from an AbilitySystemComponent, used in situations where the ASC is on the Player State and the pawn is changed.
    • This will remove all of the abilities, effects, and tags from any item from the ASC. It does not destroy everything though, so they can be placed right back on an ASC when the owning actor regains it's ASC.
    • This does not happen automatically. You must call BindToASC() and UnbindFromASC() when you remove an ASC from the owning actor.
  • Added support for adding the same ability multiple times to an ASC
  • Added a utility function to copy an inventory from one Inventory Component to another.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to get an inventory comp from a null actor (now just returns null)
  • Fixed a crash when a stored attribute set goes null for whatever reason
  • Fixed attribute sets being owned to the owner of the inventory and not the owner of the owner's ASC