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The one that stacks items and fixes bugs

  • Blueprint Rework: Updated the Swap Item Stack ability to be aware of mergeable item stacks. It will now attempt to merge item stacks that can be merged, rather than just swapping their positions
  • Blueprint Rework: Updated the Item Slot Widgets to show the item's stack size if it has one.

  • Fixed Equipped Ability Info not being set on Active Item Slots

  • Added a NetSerializer to the ItemSlotFilter so it is properly replicated to clients

  • Merge Item Stacks no longer cuts off some stacks if otherstack size is too large

  • Stack size is now replicated to everyone
  • Invalid static slot variables are now implemented in .cpp, fixing linker errors
  • Item Def's DefaultItemStackClass was unused. It's not chosen instead of the Item Generator's class depending on which item class is more specialized (Generator's is chosen if it's more specialized and vice versa)